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Landscaping Service

Expert Landscaping Contractor in Westwego, LA

Experience the transformation of your yard into a green paradise, professionally and affordably delivered by our skilled contractor team. Flower Beds R Us state-of-the-art mulching services in Westwego, LA are carefully designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property and promise uncompromised functionality and sustainability.

Flower Beds R Us

Westwego, LA 70094

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Our Services

Mowing & Monthly Cleaning

Mowing & Monthly Cleaning

Our mowing and monthly cleaning service ensures your outdoor space always looks perfect. Our company professional team will meticulously mow your lawn and remove any unwanted debris every month, creating a neat aesthetic.


Our landscaping services are all about creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces. We provide a range of services, including fall landscaping, ensuring your yard looks magnificent all year round. We're skilled in planning, designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes.
Tree & Shrubs

Tree & Shrubs

Our company experts provide premium tree and shrub care services to maintain the health and aesthetics of your greenery. This includes pruning, disease control, and general care to ensure the longevity and growth of your trees and shrubs.
Flower Beds & Garden Landscaping

Flower Beds & Garden Landscaping

We design, install and maintain flower beds and gardens to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Our professional team uses their horticultural knowledge to choose the right plants that thrive in your specific environment and look amazing.
Yard Cleanups & Weed Control

Yard Cleanups & Weed Control

Yard cleanups and weed control are essential to maintaining a healthy outdoor space. Our proficient team will remove fallen leaves, branches, and other debris and implement effective methods to control weed growth.
Bush Trimming

Bush Trimming

The company professionals provide skilled and nuanced bush trimming, tailor-made for each bush to enhance its health and beauty. This service improves your garden's aesthetic and supports productive growth and development.
Edging & Mulching Installation

Edging & Mulching Installation

Edging and mulching can significantly improve the health of your garden plants and lawn. Our team applies clean, sharp edges to your garden beds and high-quality mulches to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and improve the soil's fertility.
Planting & Bed Creation & Maintenance

Planting & Bed Creation & Maintenance

The company offers planting services tailored to your space and local climate, ensuring lush, thriving greenery. Additionally, we create and maintain garden beds, offering regular upkeep to ensure optimal plant health.
Sod/Seed Installation

Sod/Seed Installation

Our sod and seed installation service provides a quick and effective way to establish a lush lawn. The process involves laying pre-grown grass (sod) patches or spreading grass seeds. Our team ensures correct installation for spectacular results.


by Teri Adams on Flower Beds R Us
Happy Customer!

I was very happy with the company's mulching service. They able to come out quickly and give me a quote, and they were really easy to communicate with. I'm looking forward to using them again!

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Services List

  • Mowing Service
  • Landscaping
  • Tree & Shrubs
  • Flower Beds & Gardens
  • Fall Landscaping Service
  • Yard Cleanups
  • Weed Control
  • Bush Trimming
  • Edging Service
  • Mulching & Installation
  • Planting Service
  • Bed Creation & Maintenance
  • Sod/Seed Installation
  • Monthly Cleaning

Garden Landscaping in Westwego, LA

Perks of our services:

Promising impeccable mulching and flower bed landscaping services, we pledge to redefine how your garden looks and feels. Our specialties don’t end with stunning designs and layouts; we take immense pride in our high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and innovative techniques. Hand over the reins of your outdoor space to us, and watch us meticulously shape your dreams into reality.

Affordable Landscaping in Westwego, LA

Our working process:

Choosing our reputable and affordable landscaping services invariably means breathing new life into your outdoor spaces. Our dedicated team takes care of every minute detail, ensuring your landscape emanates beauty and wellness. We excel at balancing art and science, satisfying the eye and the environment.

Flower Bed Landscaping in Westwego, LA

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Take a step towards reinventing your outdoor space today. Contact us now at (504) 495-0671 in Westwego, LA for an enhanced living experience amidst picturesque landscaping, delivered expertly and affordably.